Upcoming Events:

PERA  Shareholder Meeting Schedule 2011. All but one of the meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:oo p.m. Executive management leads the meetings: Boulder Oct.20, Colorado Springs Oct.18 (7 p.m.), Denver Sept. 28, Durango Oct. 6, Ft. Collins Oct. 19, Ft. Morgan Sept. 21, Grand Junction Oct. 5, Greeley Sept. 22 and Pueblo Sept. 29. Visit  for locations and updated information. Questions and comments from PERA members are welcomed. Let them know how that 2% July increase is working out for you versus the 7.12% (2 years) it would have been before Senate Bill 10-001 was lobbied for and passed into law.


PERA Board of Trustee Meetings  The following is a list of upcoming Board meetings; dates are subject to change if necessary. Since seating is limited, anyone planning to attend should call PERA’s Executive Offices, at 303-832-9550 ext. 6537, and let PERA know you plan to attend. Meetings usually are at the PERA offices, 1301 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado. Public comments are accepted near the beginning of the meeting. Future meetings are November 10, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. and Nov. 19. The October 15 meeting was postponed.

Links to agendas and minutes are available at .

If you are aware of any other events that should be posted, notify us at ______________________________________________________________

4 Responses to Events

  1. DFD says:

    At a joint Colorado Senate and House Finance Committees meeting held in LSB-A on 01/20/2011 a briefing by the Public Employees’ Retirement Association informed the committees that rough preliminary figures indicate 2010 earning in excess of 8%. A more definitive figure will be available, in late Winter or early Spring, when additional information (specifically real estate related earnings) is accessible.

    In discussing the pending lawsuit Mr. Smith (attorney for PERA) and members of the committees note this is unprecedented and ground breaking, in reference to SB-1.

  2. Lynn Kimble says:

    I have to wonder under what authority PERA was established and under what authority the State was exempted from paying social security. If PERA had not been established, the State would have no recourse to paying their share to social security. This has not been the case with the States responsibilities to the employees and the retirees of State government.

    • saveperacola says:

      Most of your question can be answered by referring to PERA’s document on PERA Affiliation, at
      As to your last sentence, PERA is very careful to require PERA employers to remit all required employee and employer contributions to it

        that are mandated by Colorado law.

      This does not mean that the law requires these amounts to be equal to the amounts that are

        actuarially necessary to fund the retirement benefits

      that PERA and the law awards to PERA members.


      • Debbie McCarty says:

        Didn’t the state change the law so that they could lower their contributions for several years?!?!

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