Support the lawsuit with a donation. Please mail a check to:


ATTN. Judy Ganschaw, Treasurer

3241 S. Josephine St.

Denver, CO 80210

Or make a donation using Paypal:
 Note that if you use Paypal, we will be charged a 2.9% fee, plus $.30 per transaction. For larger donations, sending us a check will avoid this fee.

Other things you can do:

  1. Respond to web posts or news articles you read with your comments or letters to the editor. Notify us of any news articles we may not yet know. Include the link.
  2. Give us your contact information so we may call upon you to act as needed. Include your PERA division (e.g., school, state, DPS, state trooper, local government). Send to
  3. Notify every PERA retiree you know about SB1 and our efforts to challenge it. Use email, telephone, personal contact at retiree gatherings
  4. Notify us of what you do as a group or individually so we may monitor the pressure being applied and the support we have. A simple email will suffice.

All donations will be used for website design and hosting, communications, supplies and other expenses necessary to fulfill the mission. No salaries nor meals and entertainment will be paid for. Legal expenses now being solicited will be used exclusively for funding the class action lawsuit.

Upon final adjudication by the courts, any excess funds collected will be returned to donors on a pro rata basis upon request.

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